<aside> ☝️ Just like how our sun gives life and light to our Earth, Solis will give computing power and performance to our earth. That is our end vision.

What We’re Doing

Solis is building a desktop app aiming to be your new personal computer and replace slow, expensive, and un-portable machine. With the advent of virtualization, we want to make localization something of the past and pioneer the world’s next era in personal computing.

Solis was founded on the belief that fast, accessible, and reliable computing should be for all. So if you’re looking to help make some really cool products that’ll forever change the world, then we’re your people! :)))


✨Our Guiding Principles ✨

  1. We always ask “but how will we serve the customer?”. Make this a habit, because above all else, our north star is the end-user’s interests. The importance of our profits, PR, and egos are nothing compared to the importance of our end product.
  2. We make computing accessible. Solis believes computing is for all, not for the few. ****
  3. We deliver quality and performance. We will go all in to have users forget what slow and unusable computers were like.
  4. We never engineer a solution in search of a problem. Start first at the user experience and problem, then work your way backwards towards the solution. Ask why before how.
  5. We see the forest for the trees. The end vision always trumps the temporary restrictions.
  6. We check pessimism at the door. We are open-minded, optimistic, and willing to roll-up our sleeves to tackle the most daunting tasks. Surround yourself with bold ideas and bold people.

<aside> 🧠 We’re building multiple departments, take a look at what you’re interested in!


👽 Roles 👽

Systems Architect Dev

Full Stack Web Dev


Everything Design

Feel free to contact us about anything!

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